Way to Lipulek Pass towards Chinaside.

With the help of each other we climbed the Pass nearly 1 km. left from border. Our I.T.B.P. Jawans and our Horsemen helped us to cross the border.

        We reached ‘Nabidhang’ by 11 o’clock and waited there up to 2 clock to see ‘Om Pervert’ but our fortune did not allow us to see it. So we left for ‘Kalapani’ and reached there at 3 o’clock.We traveled other seven days leaving our ‘Pangu’ camp on last day.

    In ‘Sirkha’ camp local people entertained us by dancing their Folk Dances and Singing their Folk songs.

Thirtyeth Day:-19th July 1996

      We had to reach ‘Dharchula’ without waiting in ‘Pangu’ camp. We had to descend down the ‘Thanedar ki Chadhai’ without help of horses or horsemen. It was ‘Blessings’ of ‘Lord Shiva’ that we had finished our long and very difficult Yatra harmlessly. Though it was only 5 km. but we took 5 hours to get down to reach ‘Tawa Ghat’. It was the last stretch for walking. At last we reached ‘Dharchula’ at 5 o’clock in the evening. Though we were so tired but we visited Nepal ‘Darcucha’ crossing just one river bridge. We did little shopping there. After visiting Nepal we did our repackaging for returning back to Delhi.

Thirty First Day:- 20th July 1996

     After starting from ‘Dharchula’ we visited our I.T.B.P. Base Camp. All credits goes to our Liaison Officer Mr. D. R. Kartikeyan, our CBI Officer from India.
We reached Delhi after travelling 2 days by bus.

    During these 2 Days we also visited ‘Patal Bhubneswar Temple’ in ‘Bageshwar’. Our night halt was at ‘Kosani’ which is one of the most beautiful Hill Stations in India.
       On 21st July at midnight we reached at Delhi via Nainital, Bhimtal, Kathgodam, Muradabad, Rampur.

Thirty Third Day:- 22nd July 1996

           After collecting our Luggage we left Delhi for Mumbai at 4 o’clock by Rajdhani Express. Thus we finished our Third Stage of our Long but Happy Yatra.

From Neela and Sudhir Kadakia


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